11 Lakes

I had the crazy idea to try and bike around all eleven Finger Lakes this summer.

At first I thought it was just that, crazy, then a coworker told me it could indeed be done.

And actually it doesn't look too bad.

The big two, Seneca and Cayuga, will have to wait until after the half ironman, and until I'm preparing for the Highlander Cycle Tour. I can probably knock out some of the smaller ones two at a time!

Conesus Lake
Starting point: Long Point Park
Miles from Rochester: 34 (40 mins)
Miles around: 18-19
Can I swim there? Looks like it
About the route? No signs that it's not paved, but I'll want to double check
Some links: A map of the routeabout the lakeanother mapa blog

Hemlock Lake
Starting point: Hemlock Lake Park
Miles from Rochester: 38 (45 mins)
Miles around: 24-28
Can I swim there? Doesn't look like it
About the route? There are unpaved options, but doable on the road bike, appears hilly
Some links: Blog, a mapanother map

Canadice Lake
Starting point: Tack onto Honeoye or Hemlock Lake
Miles from Rochester: 40ish
Miles around: Short
Can I swim there? No
About the route? There aren't a lot of details about this one, at all!!! From looking at the blogs, it's best to tack this one onto the Honeoye or Hemlock Lake loop. Looks like it's mostly unpaved, maybe I could rent/borrow a mountain bike...
Some links: About the lake, a blogsome trails,

Honeoye Lake
Starting point: Sandy Bottom Park
Miles from Rochester: 37 (50 minutes)
Miles around: 18ish
Can I swim there? YES! 
About the route? Paved
Some links: A map that starts in Ionia, a map that goes further south,another mapabout the lake

Canandaigua Lake
Starting point: Kershaw Park
Miles from Rochester: 29 (40 minutes)
Miles around: 42-55
Can I swim there? Yes!
About the route? Lots of options, research and queue sheet ahead of time! Very hilly, do on fresh legs!
Some links: Blogabout the lakea map, another blog (there are a ton ofmaps)

Keuka Lake
Starting point: Keuka Lake State Park or Indian Pines Park
Miles from Rochester: 52 (1 hour 15 mins)
Miles around: 57
Can I swim there? Yes, at the state park or Indian Pines
About the route? Looks paved but hilly
Links:  Use this map, since it goes in the Y, blog, info about the lake

Seneca Lake
Starting point: Lakeshore Park in Geneva
Miles from Rochester: 47 (1 hour)
Miles around: 77 miles
Can I swim there? Some places.
About the route? Appears paved and not as hilly as the others
Links: About the lakemore about the lakemap that includes ice cream stop,

Cayuga Lake
Starting point: Cayuga Lake State Park
Miles from Rochester: 54 (1 hour)
Miles around: 101 miles
Can I swim there? Yes
About the route? Flat in the middle, hilly at the ends
Links: About the lakecue sheetmap

Owasco Lake
Starting point: Emerson Park
Miles from Rochester: 65 miles (1 hr 15 minutes)
Miles around: 32 miles
Can I swim there? Yes!
About the route? Rolling hills
Links: Mapinfoanother map

Skaneateles Lake
Starting point: Shotwell Memorial Park
Miles from Rochester: 69 miles (1 hr 20 minutes)
Miles around: 40 miles
Can I swim there? No
About the route? Hilly!
Links:  Mapforummap and detailsmap and cue sheet

Otisco Lake
Starting point: Otisco Lake County Park
Miles from Rochester: 78 miles (1 hour 30 minutes
Miles around: 16 miles
Can I swim there? No
About the route? One steep climb, gradual decline
Links: MapDetails

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