Friday, January 18, 2013

New Twitter, and a plug for the local guys

I've been a terrible blogger lately. I've got a blog coming Sunday about a 100 day challenge I'm taking on, but today (Saturday, because I am absolutely not writing both entries Friday night while I should be out having a life and setting them to autopost ;) ) there's something else on my mind.

Shameless plug first: I have a new Twitter account -- @jessicatris703. Follow me!!!

There are a lot of choices for fitness clubs around Rochester.

I've been really happy teaching for Rochester Athletic Club, they've taken the time to teach me some new class formats and I'm so excited to be taking on my own bootcamp-style class next month! And I've been able to push both myself and others teaching with RPMs on their awesome bikes. It's out of Buffalo and I really like that they have five locations. When it comes to group fitness, they're very organized and professional, and the instructors are excellent. My experience there has been overwhelmingly positive.

But RAC can afford to promote itself (just watch any video on the D&C site)!

I've had two very positive experiences, though, with private fitness centers in the past week that I thought I'd share.

I joined the Downtown Fitness Club on Chestnut Street for one reason: The pool. I needed an inexpensive place to swim with flexible hours and that was it. But ever since I joined, the owners/managers remembered my name. They've held some awesome events and challenges that you just don't see at a corporate place. This week I emailed them for more info on a challenge they were hosting. I decided it wasn't for me. The owner pressed back, asked what my goals were, recommended another program. It's so clear that the club values its members, and when LA Fitness opened, with a pool, for the same price I had no interest in jumping ship.

Next, I picked up a Groupon for Cycledelic Studio, a indoor cycling studio in Brighton. It took me a couple classes to warm up to it, it's a different style and with indoor cycling sometimes it takes a couple tries to find an instructor who fits your tastes. Tonight, though, I took a class with an awesome instructor and LOVED it. I can't remember the last time I've been pushed so hard in a class. Plus, the instructor knew her stuff, which always makes the class better.

I chatted for with the instructor for awhile after class, and an hour later I get a nice email from the owner of the place, among other things concerned that I got my water bottle back that I left there over a month ago. She had also made it a point to introduce herself to me in a previous class.

These things count, and sometimes get lost in the corporate world.  These are the kinds of things that make me want to come back. So, if you've found my blog through Googling different fitness clubs or gyms in Rochester, NY, (yes I pay attention to what Google terms bring people to my blog) do shop around, find the best place for you, but make sure these places are on your list.

Ok, so I've got one more. Anyone who knows me knows that I like my red wine. I adore Century Pittsford Wines, a Wegmans creation. But there's this tiny little wine store by me, Corn Hill Fine Wines and Spirits on Exchange Blvd. I've actually only been in there two times (despite how much I talk about wine, I don't drink that much).

Both times I've been in, the owner was working. He knew about his wines, and tonight I was looking for something new. I described what I liked, he took me right to it, Opera Prima Cabernet Sauvignon, and it's delicious.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Where have I been? And seeking out a new challenge

Again, I have abandoned my blog for a prolonged period of time. Where I’ve been comes in a second. But first, I’m putting in writing (which from past experience means very little, but hey it’s worth a try still…) my goal of doing a 100 day blogging challenge in … something.

I made a new Twitter handle, though I haven’t had time to flesh it out yet. Follow @jessicatris703.

The something I’m still nailing down. In the next couple months I need to transition from weights to a ramped up cardio regimen, again following a schedule. I’m going to be dropping out (such an ugly word…) of personal training

But it needs to be doable. I have a bad habit of getting overly ambitious then wearing myself out and not following through.

So I’m going to think on this for a few days, and take suggestions (and buddies…???) Comeon blogger friendsJ

I’m also going to be registering for Musselman very soon, and putting together a wish list of races. Wondering if I should be supercrazy and go for the DoubleMussel J

In between the election and the holidays life has kept me pretty busy. Since my last real entry Nov. 13 (about a challenge I did not follow through with) I’ve:

Learned two more classes: I’m now cleared to teach body sculpting and a bootcamp style class (RIPT) at Rochester Athletic Club. Definitely more challenging than cycling, but I’m having fun with it. Now I’m trying to decide what’s next! I always thought pilates would be fun, but the certification is expensive!

Really slipped when it comes to what I eat: There’s a definite connection between gluten and my tummy troubles, and I both slipped and paid for it several times. Oy. Also since I gave up gluten I’ve been craving sugar like a madwoman. Low and behold, the two are connected.

Done a few races: Nothing major, I did the Webster Turkey Trot, the Reindeer Run and a Snow Cheap race. Reindeer Run was amazing, without trying and without pain I ran an 8:30 final mile. Awesome! Snow Cheap was crazy. 2.5 miles through knee deep snow. I just kept thinking “human dominoes” as we went up the hills, and learned that the crab walk is an effective downhill strategy!

Become a powerwoman: Ok, not really. Far from it. But after really pushing the strength training I am where I want to be, so after this month it’ll be time to transition back to cardio.

Posts to come: Comparing half-iron plans!