Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Spinning music

At some point I'll get back in the habit of posting my Spinning playlists, I've been slowly modifying an interval class that has turned into a great profile, I'll get that posted eventually, along with my all classic rock class that the earlybirds seem to really enjoy. For now, though, I figured I'd post a few new songs I've added into my playlists.

(Note: "New" doesn't mean new, just new to me... or rediscovered!!)

Modest Mouse: Float On, warmup or climb

Every time I hear P!nk's latest song I think about this one... which made me want to hear it!

Flogging Molly: Don't Shut 'Em Down

Heard at a race. Thank you, Shazam.

Flo Rida: I Cry

All over the radio. But good for jumps.

P!nk: Walk of Shame

A little bit dirty but I found a clean version. Very catchy.

Walk the Moon: Anna Sun

Good for a slow, steady climb.

Rolling Stones: Get off of my Cloud

My latest classic rock obsession.

Hellsongs: We're not gonna take it

Not a spin song. But I enjoy it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Downtown Fitness Club and the 1,000 burpee challenge

Burpees are the epitome of all that is evil in this world.

Which really doesn't explain why I accepted the "1,000 burpee challenge" at the Downtown Fitness Club.

I joined the DFC a few months back for one reason: They have a great pool void of the ear-piercing screaming kid problem rampant at so many other clubs (ahem, downtown YMCA).

I wasn't too keen on the rest of the club, the equipment was kind of old and on the particular day I visited I sensed somewhat of a meathead vibe in the weight room.

But the place has really grown on me. It's a neat club, huge in terms of square footage, and there's plenty of equipment. While some of it is old, most of it is well maintained, and the meathead thing must have just been an anomaly, the crowd has mostly been wonderful, and I've run into a lot of other marathoners which is encouraging.

They have something called the Athlete program -- basically crossfit without the trademark. It's something I'd love to do but time doesn't allow. I went to a meet a few weeks back, where we had to flip tires, beat tires with a sledgehammer, carry tires up steps and run dragging a tire behind us. It was pretty awesome.

The program is now hosting a 1,000 burpee challenge, to be completed over three weeks, and I took it. I still can't make the workouts, but I'm making progress on my own!

I started the challenge three days late, so on Thursday I had to play catch up. I was attempting to clean up my apartment, so I got little sets done in between chores. 200. BAM!

Friday was a lifting day. I did them between sets. Another 150. BAM!

Then Saturday my wrists hurt. So I took then and Sunday off. Today I got in another 50 after class.

So I'm sitting pretty at 400/1000 with nine days to go.

I've got this.

Race report: Fleet Feet Dirt Cheap Race Series, Stage race #2

This weekend was freakishly beautiful.

Fleet Feet Rochester had its stage races this weekend, three events in two days. I had wanted to do the 11-miler Sunday, but decided leading up to it that I was in no shape to do it. So, I made the split second decision to run the 5.5 miler instead.

Then I realized it was at a place called Devil's Bathtub at Mendon Ponds Park.

This is looking down from a steep grade. It looked brutal at first, but we came up in a spiral along a staircase so it wasn't bad.

The 5.5 miles turned out to be 4.6 miles and I felt great throughout. I finished in 54:55, 15 out of 22 in my age group. Not bad considering how little running I've been doing!

The hills weren't bad by any means. I walked it up a few of them, no sense in wasting energy given that I wasn't gunning for any kind of prize. Some of the downhills were also too steep. I managed one spill.

There was this really cool area around Mile 3 where we were hopping over logs.

To keep "dirt cheap" in the name (and it was!) there was no swag. Next year I must complete the full series, a 3 and "5.5" mile race Saturday and the 11 miler Sunday. Then I'll get a sweatshirt! :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Playing catch up

See you in a few months, non-stationary bike.
Have I really not blogged since the Autumn Classic?

I'll use my usual excuse, I've been busy :)

This is one of four posts I'll have in the next few days... I need to write about my most recent trail race, the 1,000 burpee challenge I took on and some great new songs for spin I've discovered!

The election was... the election. Crazy busy up until the end, when we all got the results the pollsters said we would get. For a slight peek into my professional life, check out the fact checks myself and my colleagues were able to put together. I'm quite proud of what we were able to do!

But enough of that! Some updates on how my Musselman training is going (and other randomness that I feel like writing)!

There have been a few freak nice days but for the most part the bike has been shelved for the season (tear). I'm glad I got in as much riding as I did before it got cold and dark. But now it's cold and dark.

I set a goal of doing three lifting sessions, three swims and three runs or spins each week. Haven't gotten there yet, I will this week!

I've realized I'm not very good at resting. My initial instinct when I took some time off after the election was to pick up some extra spin classes. (I've got a song post coming.)

I am getting AWESOME in the pool. Well, nowhere near awesome. I'm still pretty pathetic, actually. Right now I'm up to two and a half laps without stopping, 25 lap total. Given that I couldn't even do the breathing thing three months ago, I feel awesome.

I'm really noticing improvements in my strength, thanks to my trainer. I can do 35 pushups, 47 decline crunches and hold a 4:00 plank. And some other benchmarks I can't recall at the moment.

I still haven't been running much, but every time I do it seems to come back naturally, so I'm going to keep focusing on swimming and strength and pick up on it in the spring.

Lizzie Dog is upset that I am not sharing my Wegman's salmon with her. I guess I could spare one bite.

Trader Joe's is finally open! Just in time for me to realize that I could find most of the things I missed there at Wegman's. But no matter! I got some ginger pear tea, frozen mahi mahi and cheap Gluten Free waffles. YUM!

McKenzie's seasonal reserve hard cider may well just be the death of me. And I have a P!nk song in my head.

Ok, that's all I got.