Sunday, March 31, 2013

Strength on the road: Spring forward 15K

As any runner knows all too well, race registration fees add up. So I had full intentions of sitting out the Spring Forward 15K Saturday.

But Friday I stepped out to walk Liz, and I saw that strange bright yellow shiny thing in the sky that we haven't seen much of this winter. So I drove over to Fleet Feet and wrote out a check.

It was freezing Saturday morning in Mendon, but the sun was shining which instantly put me in a good mood. I ran most of the 9.3 miles with Traci from work, which was great motivation to keep going up the hills (of which there were many.)

We kept a steady 9:50 pace that I felt comfortable with, further proof that I'm speeding up, yay! I still like training at a slower pace, but enjoy being able to race faster.

Since I have two half marathons back to back, I'll take one at a 12:00 pace.

Getting prepared for another long week of training, adapted from Beginner Triathlete:

S: Warmup 5 x 50
Main: 2 x 1000, both are RPE 4
Cool down: 250 easy
B: 45 minutes easy

10 mile run with Megan

Cycle, sculpt and center class
S: wu: 300 continuous- (alternate 25 swim, 25 kick)
main: 20 x 75 hold constant pace for each-so judge pace in the first few,
cd: 200 easy



Performance cycle and core - teach

S:  wu: 200swim, 200kick, 200pull, 200swim
main: 1 x 1500
cd: 4 x 50, each slower than last

B: 2 hour long ride, hopefully outside!
R: 6 mile easy run--not immediately after the bike



Thursday, March 28, 2013

Filling out the race calendar, and returning to COLUMBUS!

I should probably wait until I throw down my money to make it official. I've decided to run the Capital City Half Marathon in Columbus May 4! I am so excited to see all my Columbus friends again, but that will mean two half marathons and a duathlon in back to back weekends. I'm also considering  a tri in Columbus at the end of June.

In addition, I'm going to shoot for the Wineglass Marathon in October.

So, the only thing I'm missing is an Olympic Tri sometime in late June. I just need to take the time to find a good one.

So my race schedule for the year:

April 27: Flower City Du: 5K run, 20 mile bike, 5K run, Rochester
April 28: Flower City half marathon - 13.1 mile run, Rochester
May 4: Capital City Half Marathon, 13.1 mile run, Columbus, Ohio (still need to register)
June 2: Strassburg Sock Keuka Lake triathlon, 820 yard (.75k) swim, 14 mile bike, 3.1 mile run, Penn Yan, NY
POSSIBLE: June 9: The Great Western Reserve triathlon, swim 1500 meters, bike 26 miles, run 6.2 miles, Ravenna, Ohio
POSSIBLE: June 30: Greenswell Antrim Park triathlon, swim 1500 meters, bike 24.9 miles, run 6.2 miles, Columbus, Ohio
July 14: Musselman HALF-IRON!!! 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run, Geneva, NY
September 7: Highlander Cycle Tour, 100 mile ride, Canandaigua, New York (still need to register)
October 6: Wine Glass full marathon, 26.2 mile run, Corning, New York (still need to register)


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bike shopping, swimming mojo and speedy speediness


I'm in love with a Cannondale.

The IRS sure is taking it's sweet time, but I've begun the process of shopping for a road bike. Once the tax return hits my account, whatever model I'm decided on is mine.

(Addendum: In the three days it's taking me to write this post... yea I've been kind of lazy... I've gotten notice that I'll have my refund within 21 days. Hurry up, got a du at the end of April!)

With a $1,000 budget, the options are limited, but a starter road bike still beats a hybrid (thank you mom, for lending it to me.) Heck, a got through an entire Century ride on the thing though! (Only took me 8 hours.)

I've looked at two different Trek Lexa's. They were ok, felt crazy light compared to the hybrid, but there was no a-ha moment. I loved the Cannondale I tried out. I don't remember the model, I think it was this one, I'll update later. It was light and it handled really well.

Bert's Bikes had an amazing selection, that's where I tried the Cannondale. I loved loved loved Full Moon Vista Bike and Sport in the South Wedge, they really took their time in fitting me. I didn't really care for the Trek I tried there though. I might check out their shifting clinic next Saturday!

Come on, IRS (and Spring.)


I was always jealous of other swimmers. It seemed so smooth and so peaceful, where I've always felt so choppy in the water.

I finally did a 1,500 straight in the pool last Monday and it actually felt really great.

Tonight I'm doing 2,000. 40 laps. **CRINGE**

...and that's where I stopped writing when I abandoned this post before. I did the 2,000 and it felt AWESOME! I felt so natural and smooth in the pool. The back and forth and back and forth and back and forth of it all got to me, I'm excited/nervous to swim in open water.

RUN :)

Another post is coming (it will again take a few days at the rate I'm going) on another insane plan (or six) but I am just thrilled with my running.

A week and a half ago I did the Johnny's five-miler downtown. I crushed it.

I ran negative splits the entire way:
Mile 1: 9:25
Mile 2: 9:16
Mile 3: 9:05
Mile 4: 8:25
Mile 5: 7:55

I'm trying to be a good girl and train at 12:00. My training partner, Megan D. and I, are slowly getting up to the half marathon distance. We've got our 10-miler soon. Very soon.

Dear Musselman: Bring it.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Race registrations for SUMMER!!!

This long overdue blog post is brought to you by the sound effect "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!"

(Addendum: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!)

My New York State tax return hit my bank account this morning. And before I could second guess myself (or blow the money elsewhere) I REGISTERED FOR MY FIRST HALF-IRONMAN.


I also signed up for the Keuka Lake sprint triathlon as a warmup. Now I just need to settle on an Olympic distance sometime in late June. There are a few options.

I've been feeling confident with my training. On Saturday, I did a speedy five miler, coming in at 45:49 with the fastest mile at 7:55. Monday I did an 8-mile run with no pain. I also did a 1500 in the pool mostly continuous.

I haven't been spending much time on the bike, but that will change once the weather breaks!

So here's what my race schedule looks like:
April 27: Flower City du: 3.1 mile run, 20 mile bike, 3.1 mile run
April 28: Flower City half marathon: 13.1 mile run
June 2: Keuka Lake triathlon - .46 mile swim, 13.6 mile bike, 3.1 mile run
July 14: Musselman half iron: 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run

Time to get excited again!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Triathlon training Week 2

Last week, I learned that the triathlon program I'm attempting to follow is way to aggressive.

So, I'm going to continue this week with some modifications. I'm going to cut out most of the bike time, and slowly add it back in in coming weeks.

My goal this week is to start doing 15 minutes a day of PiYo training to slowly start building up my routine. In addition I'm going to hunker down to keep gluten and processed foods from my diet. I've been really slipping!


RUN: 40 minutes. 10 minute warm up, then do 20 second strides before returning to RPE 3 pace. Repeat strides every 5 minute until end of run

TEACH: Total body

RUN: 30 minutes easy pace, RPE 3

SWIM: wu: 6 x 100, concentrating on different part of stroke each 100
            main: 4 x 400, keeping each 400 even pace, (alternate 3 x 400)
            cd: 2 x 150 pull

SWIM: wu: 5 x 50 continuous, odds are breathe every side, evens bilateral.
            main: 2 x 500, 1 is RPE4, 2 is RPE 6
            cd: 250 easy
TEACH: Total body

DAT if energy

Teach cycling (50 mins bike time)

SWIM: wu: 300 continuous. concentrate on form weaknesses.
            main: 10 x 100 descend 1-5 and 5-10
            cd: 200 continuous, alternate 50kick, 50 swim)

DAT if energy

RUN: 60 mins easy
BIKE: 90 mins


Sunday, March 3, 2013

PiYo training complete

Fingers crossed that once I get a routine down pat I'll have a new format to teach, and it's coming at a great time!

Today I went through BeachBody's day-long PiYo Strength training, a pilates-yoga fusion. They teach a number of different formats, Turbokick (absolutely interested), Hip Hop Hustle (not interested) and it looks like they'll be adding in some Insanity (not a huge fan.)

The training was my first exposure to the exact format. I've taken PiYo before but it was more half pilates/half yoga. I enjoy traditional pilates classes, I like what yoga does for me but the time creeps by actually doing it.

This format is extremely dynamic. It includes the traditional movements but it flows, it's constantly moving, and it's challenging. I think practicing it will be a good complement to my triathlon training.

I don't like how they want you to teach a prescribed choreography to prescribed music, in teaching total body sculpt I've really enjoyed coming up with my own routines, but this will be a good way to start.

I'd highly recommend the training!