Friday, January 11, 2013

Where have I been? And seeking out a new challenge

Again, I have abandoned my blog for a prolonged period of time. Where I’ve been comes in a second. But first, I’m putting in writing (which from past experience means very little, but hey it’s worth a try still…) my goal of doing a 100 day blogging challenge in … something.

I made a new Twitter handle, though I haven’t had time to flesh it out yet. Follow @jessicatris703.

The something I’m still nailing down. In the next couple months I need to transition from weights to a ramped up cardio regimen, again following a schedule. I’m going to be dropping out (such an ugly word…) of personal training

But it needs to be doable. I have a bad habit of getting overly ambitious then wearing myself out and not following through.

So I’m going to think on this for a few days, and take suggestions (and buddies…???) Comeon blogger friendsJ

I’m also going to be registering for Musselman very soon, and putting together a wish list of races. Wondering if I should be supercrazy and go for the DoubleMussel J

In between the election and the holidays life has kept me pretty busy. Since my last real entry Nov. 13 (about a challenge I did not follow through with) I’ve:

Learned two more classes: I’m now cleared to teach body sculpting and a bootcamp style class (RIPT) at Rochester Athletic Club. Definitely more challenging than cycling, but I’m having fun with it. Now I’m trying to decide what’s next! I always thought pilates would be fun, but the certification is expensive!

Really slipped when it comes to what I eat: There’s a definite connection between gluten and my tummy troubles, and I both slipped and paid for it several times. Oy. Also since I gave up gluten I’ve been craving sugar like a madwoman. Low and behold, the two are connected.

Done a few races: Nothing major, I did the Webster Turkey Trot, the Reindeer Run and a Snow Cheap race. Reindeer Run was amazing, without trying and without pain I ran an 8:30 final mile. Awesome! Snow Cheap was crazy. 2.5 miles through knee deep snow. I just kept thinking “human dominoes” as we went up the hills, and learned that the crab walk is an effective downhill strategy!

Become a powerwoman: Ok, not really. Far from it. But after really pushing the strength training I am where I want to be, so after this month it’ll be time to transition back to cardio.

Posts to come: Comparing half-iron plans!

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