Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hey winter: You win

Taking screenshots of the weather is the thing to do.

It's cold out.
Warning: Do not read if you're sick of people whining about the cold.

Normally I put on a tough face when it comes to winter. I'll run in the rain and the snow. I'll bundle up and show up to races despite conditions. I'll admit to being a baby about extreme triple digit heat, but I've lived in Maine, Cleveland and Rochester. Winter I can do.

But today I'm crying uncle.


Normally I reliably get one or two colds a winter. That's throughout the entire thing, ya know, April or something like that. I'm currently on cold #3 (including my bronchitis bout.) It's January.

I'm down from work with less than half a voice, hacking up a storm and can't breathe. I pumped my heat up to 70, am huddled up under three blankets and I'm still freezing.

I'm mindlessly working on a database for work, but Scandal is my escape. And man, it's gotten good.

It's thrown off my routine because all I want is to be indoors. Every time I get into a good routine a cold spell hits and I get thrown off my game.

So winter, ease up a bit. Double digits. That's all I ask.

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