Thursday, February 6, 2014

Several quick "WOO-HOOs"

I don't have time to tap out the many posts I've been plotting, but hate that my last post was SO negative, so I need to quickly counter that...

...The weather warmed up, went up to 40 degrees this weekend. Yea it snowed again but at least the bitter cold is GONE (for now)!
...In the nice weather I ran 10 miles and felt great, my first double digit run since Dirt Cheap!
...Two days later I swam a full mile for the first time in awhile!
...Tuesday I held a plank for 1:10!
...I've been lifting again, following the New Rules of Lifting for Women.
...I launched my first major project for Capital New York, a bill tracker, and we've been getting good feedback.
...I ate two oranges and a banana today, and made a delicious beef and broccoli dish. #freggies
...I'm making homemade granola this weekend. #yummmm

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