Sunday, November 13, 2011

Race Report: 2011 Buckeye Classic 10K

Run DMC and friends at the Buckeye Classic. 
It took me over an hour to run a 10K, and given all the factors involved I'm still thrilled with my time! Official time was 1:02:36, a 10:06 pace.

Let's just say I woke up this morning a bit dehydrated. Forgot my rule of thumb last night, 1 to 1. I didn't think it would be that bad, but it was.

That and the hills were evil! From here on out it's hill repeats twice a week until Salt Fork, and once a week thereafter!

It was the Buckeye Classic at Highbanks Metroparks in Lewis Center. This is one I decided to do on a whim, using my free race entry from volunteering at Emerald City.

It was also a meetup for Run DMC and Friends, a local group of people who track their workouts on the Daily Mile, a wonderful site.

I remember last year I ran the Holiday Run at Sharon Woods, and I felt so alone there, only knowing one other person. What a difference this year!! Between DMC and MIT I knew so many.

My dear friend Rebecca E. was there too and we ran most of the course together, getting caught up in the process. I got through the first two miles ok, the hills were really wicked, and my shins hurt.

I started walking the uphills miles 2-4, and ran them again the last two miles. I really need to work on hill training!!

I know I'm slacking on the mile by mile recap, but the entire time it was nice to crunch through the leaves and enjoy the day. I'm hopeful the Tough Mudder weather will be as nice.

The dehydration definitely kicked in though. I ended up taking long pauses at the water stops to hydrate. Still, I survived!!


  1. Awesome! Congratulations to you on finishing what I KNOW is a tough race. I was wondering what Run DMC very cool! I should have looked for other people I know from DM.

    It was great to see you at the finish line today!

  2. Great job today, Jessica!!! What a wonderful race this was! Yes, it was tough, but nice to know so many that were there running & supporting.

    I am also going to make sure to do hills once/week now. I have been running Highbanks weekly since Columbus and I need to continue to do so.

    Hope to see you this coming Saturday!


  3. Nice pic, that was an awesome race. Congratulations for a great job well done and for a successful event. Looking forward always.