Saturday, November 19, 2011

Going minimalist

First of two posts today :)

I've had the Zoots for awhile but I'm finally making the jump into a true minimalist shoe.

I'm going to keep the Mizuno Precisions for my longer runs, but I have a new pair of New Balance Minimus' for shorter runs.

I remembered Sara W. at Words to Run By got them and loved them so I decided to go to Fleet Feet Sports today and try them out. I just love the way they feel! Thanks to a sale and a gift card I got them for cheap.

Apparently I'm a toe striker now. Way back when I first got fitted for shoes I was labeled as a heel striker so things have definitely changed after two marathons!!

I really like how it felt. I feel like I was striking really evenly, and the shoes are crazy comfortable. I'll blog again about them a couple runs in!! And it's crazy to feel the difference between them and the Asics Kayanos I started out in way back when!


  1. I love mine but still only run short mileage in them. I work out in them, so I save on wearing socks too.........

  2. I can't wait to hear how you like them! I LOVED them, but they did not like my big toe! I need to start more like you did and scale down to no drop slowly, that is what I am working on now! Thanks for the shout-out - can't wait to hear more!