Monday, September 16, 2013

A long overdue music post (that's not about Miley Cyrus.)

It's been awhile since I've done a music post. A long time. So here's what I've been listening to lately.

(Disclaimer: This is not a post about new songs. Because I really have no clue what's new nowadays.)

Much music talk nowadays involves Miley Cyrus ramming the final nail into the coffin of Hannah Montana. Even though search engines love it when you talk about Miley Cyrus, I will absolutely not mention Miley Cyrus' name on my blog as a shameless attempt to get web hits. I'm one of those snobs that's above cheap music, so again, I will not talk about Miley Cyrus.

But I will talk about Katy Perry. I cringed at the fact that I had to talk about Katy Perry. I heard this song on the radio, loved it (apparently they play it all the time, but I don't listen much), then found out it was by her. I guess the part of her that isn't completely plastic can sing. (UPDATE: One week later, I'm sick of this song.)

Then a new hit by an old band, "Rebel Beat" by the Goo Goo Dolls. The song got my attention with the lyric "We'll take what's ours for once, and baby, RUN LIKE HELL!!" It's a bit generic, but I still love it.

Yet another Spotify find. "Upside Down" by Paloma Faith. It has an old-timey feel to it but it's catchy.

"Henrietta" also has a fun beat to it, by "The Fratellis". I'm on the fence about using both in spin class.

The Netflix series "Orange is the New Black" is so amazing I've seen it twice through in one month. (Just 13 episodes.) I liked it even more when I found out Regina Spektor did the theme song, "You've Got Time."

I've also been loving "Patron Saint."

This song is just pleasant, "Be OK" by Ingrid Michelson.

File this under the "new to me" category. A friend has me on a Modest Mouse kick. I discovered this one on Spotify radio and can't stop listening to it, Missed The Boat. "We all just got caught looking at somebody else's page."

Then I found this live O.A.R. version of "Shattered" at Red Rocks.

I randomly discovered Kaitlyn Hova on Spotify. She only has three tracks out, awesome instrumental covers. I found her while searching for the Postal Service. I can't find it on YouTube, I'll look more later!!

I don't know why I enjoy this one so much. I hate rap but it's catchy. I found it with Shazam during an older episode of Breaking Bad. D/R Period Money. "Make a lot of money is the way to go..."

Here's a cover. "Sugar, We're Going Down" by Goat. Folksy.

This is... interesting. "Islands" by The xx.

I love everything about The Gaslight Anthem, here's "Biloxi Parish." 

I finished the Flower City Half Marathon to this song, "Lollipop" by MIKA. Catchy.

This song was last year's hit but I have yet to get sick of it, and it's still in my heavy rotation. "Some Nights" by Fun.

Ditto for this one, "Feel Again" by One Republic. (Hey, the cover shots are practically the same.)

Totally not new, but rediscovered and loving it: "Shut up and let me go" by the Ting Tings.

And a weird associations moment: This song always reminds me of walking around Century Pittsford Wines. "Dancing in the Moonlight" by King Harvest.

So that's what's on my playlist :)

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