Friday, September 20, 2013

September: A good running month

I've been on a great streak lately.

Every run lately has felt great, and I'm back to the point where I look forward to each run.

To recap, I burned out from running after the Flying Pig Marathon in 2012. Then I moved to Rochester, didn't have my running buddies, so I started training for a triathlon instead. In July, I checked the half iron off my bucket list, then turned my sites to the Wine Glass Marathon.

Training did not start out well. On Aug. 8, I couldn't find the motivation to train. On Aug. 17 I regretted signing up for the race.  

But now I feel strong and ready.

Part of my turn around is thanks to four wonderful ladies I connected with through the local Fleet Feet group. At all hours of the day my phone buzzes with messages in our ongoing Facebook conversation. It's great having the support, and it has been enough to get me out the door more than once. 

I've had company for every run this week, and it has made all the difference. Today I felt fatigued, but there has been no pain! 

Two weeks out, I'm ready for this marathon. Bring it! 

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