Saturday, October 12, 2013

Post race recovery, and what's next for me

First, happy Ironman World Championships day. I'm excited to check in on the race, especially Jennie Hanson, from Rochester, who is competing.

It's been a relaxing week of laziness following the Wine Glass Marathon. I haven't run at all, and haven't done anything outside classes and dog walking.

I did cycling just two days after my race, and spent the class pedaling with no or little resistance on the bike. I think this really helped my recovery, allowing the blood to start flowing without impact or pressure.

Tomorrow I'm going to attempt a slow 3 or 4 miles followed by yoga and maybe a half hour swim.

Things will be changing for me. I have accepted a job in the Albany office with Capital New York, which has recently become an arm of Politico. More on that in coming days.

Because I accepted this job and will be starting the relocation process, this month is going to be very light in terms of training. Post-marathon, I need the rest. I'm going to start getting into some strength classes (I've been dying to try Kim's at the Downtown Fitness Club).

Once I get settled in the new job my short term plan is to get into a good strength training regimen. I also want to really focus on improving my swim form and speed. I also want to start picking up my bike speed, so I will read up on how I can do that on the spin bike or trainer this winter.

I've bagged the idea of doing a full iron distance triathlon next year. Here's why:

Training for a Musselman took a lot out of me this year. But I remember training for my first marathon also took a lot out of me. By marathon #3 I handled the training a lot better. I'm hoping for the same on the 70.3 front. Plus I still have a lot to learn about the swim and the bike.

So next year my goal will be two half iron distance races. I hope to do the Double Mussel -- a sprint triathlon Saturday and the half iron Sunday. Then I'll have a number of options for later in the year, including Rev 3 Maine Aug. 25 (worried it might be too close to Musselman), Rev 3 Pocono Mountains Sept. 14 or Ironman Muskowa 70.3 (Canada) Sept. 7. I might also volunteer at a full Ironman for preferred entry in 2015, either Lake Placid, Chatanooga or Mont Tremblant.

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