Saturday, January 15, 2011

22 miles this week!

Today I decided to be slightly foolish and jumped two weeks ahead in my training schedule. Actually, it's more like switching to a training schedule for a marathon two weeks ahead of mine, at least for now.

Most of my pace team is training for a race circa the beginning of May. The others training for Cleveland are doing the entirety of the long runs with them, so I decided to as well. Today I was scheduled for 7. I ran 9. And felt awesome after. 

I'm deviating heavily from my training program during the week. I'm swapping a shorter run for a hills day, and another shorter run for a cross training day.  The remaining two runs I do Monday and Wednesday, with Sundays and Fridays off.

The training schedule calls for six days running, but Coach Randy said that wasn't really necessary. Maybe I'll try swimming on Fridays, once the crowd at the Y tapers off (it's already starting too).

I passed 20 miles this week for the first time since Salt Fork. Here's the graph:

I am incredibly worn down. This week was long and exhausting on several fronts. To tired to tag and link this post up, I'll finish that up tomorrow. Tonight is all about the red wine and crime dramas. Later this week I'll do a post about food. I went to Whole Foods and Trader Joes tonight, and got some goodies that I'm really excited about.

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