Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bart Yasso is coming! Bart Yasso is coming!

All of us in MIT have been stoked for weeks, Bart Yasso, the head honcho at Runner's World magazine, is coming to Columbus. He's going to speak to us Saturday, then run with one lucky pace group. Mr. Yasso, if you're reading this, please pick the 10:30s.

I hear good things about his book too. I won a copy on the Columbus Marathon's Facebook page, and I can't wait to read it.

This is a peak week in training so I've been putting in a lot of miles. I'll have 36 when the week is done, I did 3 Monday, 8 yesterday, 4 today and 3 tomorrow. Then, 18 Saturday -- last stop before 20, but we'll have a couple taper weeks first.

I've just been feeling really good this week. I had a wonderful run last night in Granville, I even pushed it up the Denison hill at the end (and got slightly lost getting back to my car).

I finally heeded the advice to get a second pair of running shoes. I picked up a pair of Zoot Ultra Speed's. I ran in them twice this week. They're really light and seem to have the right amount of cushioning. It's giving the Mizuno's a chance to breathe too, which I think is helping, I haven't had shin pain all week, before that it's been pretty chronic.

A friend of mine in my pace group and I have already vowed to tackle the Columbus marathon in the fall, so that means I have no choice but to survive Cleveland... in 66 days!

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