Thursday, March 3, 2011

Head games

I have trouble doing long runs solo.

(Oh, and warning: This is going to be an incredibly wonk-ish post)

My legs can take it, but my brain can't. There's something about the knowledge that I have 8-10-12 ahead of me that makes me unable to do even two.

I haven't had that problem in awhile because of MIT. Having other people around is both the motivation and the distraction I need to get through the long miles.

Life got in the way and I didn't get my miles in Tuesday, so I decided to tack on an extra mile to yesterday and today's runs. That made 8 and 6. And it was beautiful weather for Central Ohio in March, so I took it outside.

The mental block hit right away both days. But this time, I beat it.

My problem was, when I start those runs my brain is saying: "It's either run 8, or run 0. I don't think I can do 8, so therefore..."

So, as I started out my 8, I kept repeating to myself... "If I can only do five today that's fine. If you start to feel tired, no big deal."

Wednesday wasn't bad at all, today was a little tougher -- I was pretty tired through the whole thing but survived (at a sub-10:00 pace, nonetheless!)

Despite not being able to run Tuesday I had a very good week. Did a slow 3-mile recovery Monday, then the 8 and 6. Did spin class tonight and lifted Monday and today. Tomorrow I'm taking off and I have (gulp) 16 Saturday. Providing I complete the long run that will give me 33 for the week.

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