Saturday, March 5, 2011


Poor Mizunos.
Every Saturday MIT run has been an adventure. There was that day we went out in -2 degree weather, that day where ice pellets were bouncing off our faces, that day where the trail was too icy and we had to rough it up all those hills instead, etc...

And today: Water water everywhere.

It was pouring rain, though that eased off toward the end. Some of the puddles were 50-75 feet long and 6" deep. We did 16 miles, which took us all the way to OSU then back to Thomas Worthington High. My shoes and tights were caked with mud at the end. Our pace coach, Randy, suggested that we loosen the shoe up all the way and stuff it with newspaper, so that's what I did.

Despite the nasty blisters on my feet, I had a lot of fun today. The last two miles were really hard, thanks to my team for pushing me through. I started to make myself crazy checking my garmin all the time, so for the last 4 I tucked it under my jacket sleeve and made myself ignore it.

Edit: My splits were: 11:52, 10:18, 10:57, 10:58, 10:31, 10:16, 10:27, 10:41, 10:33, 10:34, 10:50, 10:47, 11:25, 10:32, 10:33, 10:02

I actually got a second pair of shoes Friday, Zoot's, that I can't wait to try out. Hopefully I'll get out in them for recovery Monday then I'll do another post.

I'm starting to settle in to a new Saturday routine that I love. (continued)

For the past two weeks I've gotten lunch at Whole Foods, a slice of their pizza and a protein drink is just perfect. Then I get my grocery shopping done there and at Trader Joe's, any other errands done on the way in, then I am done done done for the weekend!

Some quick analytics: Broke a new weekly record this week, 33. I'm going to shoot for 36 next week, but I'm going to do all of them flat, slow and easy, to make sure I can survive 18 next Saturday. I'll resume my hill repeats the week after. I'd love to have a weekly average of 30 for March, though the taper week might throw that off.

Weekly miles:

I think I'm going to start another blog. I love the projects people do where they simply take one photo every day, so that's what I'm going to start doing. Theresa, I might pick your brain on that one.

I just love being a part of MIT. The 10:30s have gotten to the point where we know each other pretty well now, especially those training for a full, and everyone -- the coaches especially -- is just so wonderful!


  1. Oh man, I hate when that happens! Especially if they don't dry out in time for your next run and you have to start the run in soggy shoes. Take the insoles out before you stuff them with newspaper, that sometimes helps too.

  2. Great job out there today! It was a tough run. :)