Saturday, July 16, 2011

Slowing down for summer

There's a reason why I felt at home in Maine. I can't do in July what I did in December. I've now learned that lesson for the third week in a row.

Today was the first 10-mile run of the season with MIT. The first 3 miles with the 10:30s were absolutely horrid. I was achy, exhausted and the pace seemed much harder than usual. After the first water stop I decided to move back two pace groups and continued with the 11:30s. I felt like I was putting forth the same amount of effort that I usually do at 10:30.

That made all the difference. The aches and pains ceased almost instantly. The exhaustion was still there but not as bad.

This winter I survived subzero temperatures, ice storms and pouring rain, so I can say definitively that I'd take any of those above 90 degree weather!

Running at 11:30 was unbearable at first, after pushing a pace close to 9 for the past few weeks. I almost took off to rejoin my old group, but was stuck in the middle of the pack without a quiet way out. I grew acclimated to the pace and finished the 10 miles comfortably. (Continued after the jump.)

I've been doing some reading about running in the heat and since my Garmin came with a monitor (which I've hardly used) I'm going to try heart rate training. Several in MIT rave about it. I'll have to pay more attention to my Garmin during weekday runs now, I never pay attention!

Kim B. and I have both decided to push each other this week on both nutrition and stretching. Hopefully that will make a difference too! And wine, you will always be my friend, but I won't be seeing you for awhile. Well, maybe on special occasions.

Stoked for the Manic Mojo's first triathlon relay tomorrow! This will be a busy week in blogland, several posts I need to do!

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  1. I commend you for listening to your will pay off. I am on the wagon with u tomorrow....better food, more stretching and less wine.