Saturday, February 5, 2011

MIT run: 12 miles!

Edit: I lifted this picture off of Fleet Feet's Facebook page.
Pretty crazy!
Ran 12 miles this morning through the streets of Worthington, which beat my old record of 11. And I'll be beating it again, and again, and again, until race day.

What a morning. Today was all about toughing it out. 

I almost didn't go. My stomach hurt when I got up, probably from eating too much Trader Joe's pesto tortellini. I've had cold symptoms on and off all week. But I'm glad I got my lazy butt out of bed (partially thanks to a redheaded greyhound who really had to pee). 

We usually run on the bike path but I guess it wasn't in great shape with all the ice, so we ran through Worthington neighborhoods. Those poor people, living on a quiet backstreet in suburbia, suddenly have 500 people coming through. Two kids were staring at us out their bedroom window. One guy was trying to back out of his driveway and was getting very irritated.

The run went very well, went with a good group of people as always. It started to rain/snow toward the end and I could literally feel bits of ice bouncing off my face. The ninth mile was the toughest, especially since we ran past the school where we started so it would have been so easy to just cut it short. Then the last two I was just on auto pilot.  

(Ok, I just bolted off the couch to grab my phone, literally every muscle I have protested). (continued)

Here's our route (screenshot off the Daily Mile via Google Maps)

And it was hilly! Here's the elevation chart via Garmin:

That gives me 27 miles for the week, I'll make it to 30 soon! 

I have this week off (yay) because of mandatory furloughs at work (boo). Headed back to Lakewood for a few days to rest and regroup. Monday I have 4, Tuesday 5, Wednesday 5, Thursday 4. I'm resting Friday and Saturday.

Sunday is the Columbus Roadrunner's Club Winter Run in Granville, a 15-miler. I'm all signed up, which means no backing out! 

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