Tuesday, October 25, 2011

After reacquainting with my pillow and my TV, here's what's next!

Me and running buddy Karl showing off our
marathon medals at Brews.
I'll do an official photo post soon!! 
I can't get the 30 Rock theme out of my head. Because making it through the end of Season 2 (love the episodes with Edie Falco) and most of Season 3 has been hands down the most productive thing I've done since the 2011 Columbus Marathon. (Tracy Morgan just tried to kill Jimmy Fallon. Very nice.).

**Warning: Pointless, scatterbrained post ahead**

That's outside of work, that is. I did get to cover what will probably be the story of the year, when a bunch of wild animals were set free in Zanesville, Ohio. In between chuckles over the increasing absurdity of the story, I managed to get one of my stories picked up by USA Today, and another by the Cincinnati Enquirer. (Insert shameless plug for professional Facebook page here.) 

"It's like Noah's Ark wrecking here in Zanesville." Jack Hanna

And here's some more news: I'm now a certified Spinning instructor. Starting in November I'll be teaching at the Newark Y, 6 a.m. Wednesdays and 6:30 p.m. Thursday. So if you're in my neck of the woods come see me!

Spinning was the only activity I did last week, so my DailyMile displayed a whopping one workout. I proudly posted this shining accomplishment on Facebook and Kim B. promptly responded: "Hey...you are supposed to be taking it easy."

Facebook post from Monday 10/24. 
Spinning Thursday was fun but slightly nerve-wracking. Jamie let me be in front of the class with her. Once I'm settled in and on my bike I realize I'm in a 90-minute class. But Jamie ran Columbus too (and we wore our twin shirts that day to prove it), so if she could do it, I had no excuse. I survived the first half no problem. Most of the class left at the break, leaving just a few brave souls. Jamie let me cue some jumps, and I learned that it is not easy to talk and count in my head. 

And John S., if you're reading this, you will be proud. Me and alcohol have also gotten reacquainted after a long hiatus that I was only slightly good at abiding by. Because you've gotta go out and have a few beers to celebrate a marathon (on a few separate occasions!) Especially when Yuengling has just come to town!

Tomorrow I'm braving a run for the first time since the marathon. Karl, Brandie and I are getting up early and hitting up Granville.

Then Saturday is the Nu Hop Trail Run at Mohican. Last year I did the 8-mile distance, where I was the first female finisher (of 11). This year I'm attempting the 13.5 miler. I'm not taking it overly seriously, if I can break a 12-minute mile with all the hills I'll be a happy camper.

After Nu Hop, it's time to get disgusting and muddy at the Tough Mudder with Beth and Traci. Next race after that I'll put the speed shoes on and attempt to break 24 in a 5K at the First on the First (another repeat from last year, where I set my PR.)

And of course, the big question: What will my next marathon be?

Anything can happen between now and when I actually have to make a commitment, but right now I'm looking at two. My goal is to move up to the 10:00 pace group in MIT and ultimately break 4 hours.

I really want to do the Flying Pig in Cincinnati on May 6, 2012. I hear amazing things. But the hilly course may not be conducive to setting a big PR.

Another tempting idea is to do an inaugural marathon. And 2012 will be the first Canton Marathon on June 17. I'm hearing that this will be a good race, and probably flatter than Cincy!

And I'd like to maybe attempt a half-ironman. Or the Mohican 50. Or maybe just a 50K.

Lots of ambitions. But I have some time to make some decisions. 

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  1. Good luck Saturday. I'll be running the 50k.