Saturday, October 15, 2011

Expo time REDUX!!!


I have just returned from the Columbus Marathon Expo! Fun flashback to the Cleveland Expo.

This is going to be a photo post. I'll do my more serious "Here's the Plan" post next, and then the playlist post!

Fun times at the expo! I spent an hour and a half working with Deb M. at the Bondiband booth, and got three Bondis out of it. One is a prezzy for someone, here are the other two -- not sure which I'm going to wear tomorrow:

Here's the shirt, front and back:

Here's our MIT race jersey, front and back, race number pinned and ready to go (the free Chipotle is almost as good as the free beer at Cleveland!!):

I won this shirt for doing a 90-second plank :)

I got a new foam roller...

Because mine was in bad need of replacement...


A fun car magnet: (noticing a theme?)

My pace bracelet, which I'll break from at the end:

And the post-race party ticket:

They gave us a nice bag for everything:

Free passes to a New Albany kickboxing club:

Random SWAG:

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