Saturday, October 15, 2011

I'm #3713, and here's the plan!

Ok so the race expo was fun, but now I'm a little overwhelmed. Time to take a breather and write everything out.

I'll finish this when I get back from the store :)

Things I need to do tonight:
~Charge iPod
~Sync iPod, equalize volume
~Go to store and buy preserves so I can have my traditional almond butter and jelly bagel for breakfast
~See if Goodwill is still open, get a throwaway

What I'll wear
~Second pair of orange mizunos
~Compression tights
~Compression socks
~Knee bands
~MIT singlet
~"If found on ground, drag across finish" bondi
~Throwaway layer(s?)
~Good sports bra

Things I need to pack in my fuelbelt:
~4 Gus and sport beans
~wicking socks (weird, but I've never worn two compression layers before -- just in case it doesn't work out!!) 
~Extra hair tie

Things I need to pack in my bag:
~Change of clothes -- tshirt, sweats, sandals, change of undies and socks
~Foam roller
~heart rate monitor

How tomorrow is going to go: 
~Up at 4
~Make bagel, walk dog, grab gear
~Drive to Columbus
~Meet up with MIT, warm up, stretch

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