Sunday, October 31, 2010

300 miles logged

Forgot a little note from yesterday... I now have 300 miles under my belt, according to my training logs at the Daily Mile.

What's 300 miles from here?
EAST: Niagra Falls
NORTH: Flint, Mich. (why I'd want to go there is beyond me)
WEST: Terre Haute, Ind.
SOUTH: Roanoke, Va.

I got my Asics Kayanos at 70 miles, so I still have a good month with those shoes.


  1. Pretty shoes! How long are Asics supposed to last? I got mine 235 miles ago...

  2. The rule of thumb is 350 miles, or so I've read!

  3. Ok, thanks! I guess I'm good for awhile. My husband also said that when the shoe on the inside starts wearing out, it's time to get new ones.