Tuesday, February 21, 2012

And this is when Jessica hurts herself

I've been sidelined. Three days in, and it's already killing me. I'm really scared I won't be able to run my marathon in May.

I've been having some calf issues. And knee issues. And tightness in my right IT band. But it hasn't been serious so I haven't worried about it. 

I started to have some real pain the week before the Granville Winter Run. Miraculously, I made it through the 15-miler with no pain whatsoever and with a great time (I still need to blog about it). 

But that was it. The next week, I couldn't barely run at all. I went to MIT Saturday, but after two miles I felt like there was something tearing in both my lower calves. I quit. It was time to call a chiropractor. I got a recommendation for a local guy in town and went today.

Dr. Harrison was wonderful. He took lots of time to really look me over, even though his diagnoses was instant.

I'm lopsided.

I naturally lean to the right. Whenever I stand, my weight is shifted to the right. Whenever my body decides which side has to do the work, it's the right side. As I've continued to beat my body up, this unbalance has created issues for my muscles.

So what now? 

Today's visit was just an initial consultation. Tomorrow I go back, and the doctor will give me a plan, and I'll get a verdict on when I can be back out on the road. For my own sanity, I'm hoping it won't be long. The doctor's tone didn't make it seem too serious.

I've been pretty bummed out since Saturday. Aside from Lizzie walks I hadn't done anything since I bombed out on my run. I got some gym time in today. I took a spin class (I only teach once this week), then sucked it up and went back to the elliptical machine. I was so bored! And not only was The Biggest Loser on the TV right in front of me (I hate that show), but on the show there was a rotating table with pizza, cake, crab ragoons, and all kinds of yummy stuff. Ugh! But I've got some videos downloading as I write this that will hopefully make it more bearable next time. I'm also going to jump in the pool at some point. I also got my abs workout in too. So it was a productive evening.

I'm going to shoot for an hour of cardio, either spin or elliptical, each day six days a week until I'm back on the road. Maybe more on Saturdays. I'm also going to bump my lifting up to three days a week until I can start doing long runs again.

I don't know how long I'll be out for, but hopefully that'll be enough so I can stay conditioned.

So it only took me two years to end up on a chiropractor's table. When I put it like that it doesn't sound that bad, right?


  1. I happen to depend on my left side. I learned that I walk with a limp, and if you look at the wear on my shoes, I also run with a limp favoring my right side. This dates back to my right leg being in a cast for 2 fractures in the knee, and also my severely sprained right ankle from '08. So don't worry - you're not the only lopsided runner out there! :)

  2. Hang in there, Jessica! I am glad that you are seeing a dr and getting this addressed now. I hope that he doesn't have you out for long!

  3. Only two years??? LOL, you still have lots of running in you!

  4. Oh no! I really really hope you are feeling better soon!!

  5. I hope the chiropractor gets it working out quickly and your training isn't too derailed!