Monday, April 30, 2012

Race possibility: The Gauntlet

Sara over at Words to Run By tipped me off to this race that looks awfully intriguing. It's called The Gauntlet, a (gasp!) 10-mile obstacle course race June 17.

It's daunting because they don't tell you what the obstacles are beforehand. But I'm intrigued. And there's a slight chance that I may be able to get in for free.

The race is put on by Greenswell. I did one of their triathlons as a relay last year and was really impressed by the race organization, so I'm expecting the same for this one!

The only thing that makes me nervous about this one is the timing. I'm doing the Flying Pig May 6 and then I'm determined to take a month off, at least from running. I'll still spin, bike and probably start swimming. So, that means I'll start running again June 6 -- maybe a little sooner but not much. Will I be ready for a 10 mile obstacle course race by then? I have no clue!!

Maybe I can convince some other peeps to do it as a relay :)

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