Monday, April 23, 2012

Taper time!

Last week was my 22-mile run, and now I'm in taper mode. It was an icky week -- after that 22 I just couldn't make the legs move, and it wasn't until Friday that I was able to get a good run in.

I woke up early Saturday for MIT to the tune of pouring rain. Screw it, I'll get the 12 miles in on my own time.

So instead I woke up (somewhat) early Sunday to run on the Olentangy Trail with Miss Rebecca, who I haven't seen since the Granville Winter Run.

Me and Rebecca at Antrim Park after 12 miles on the O-Trail Sunday.

Rebecca and I met while hoofing it up the hills at the 2011 Granville Winter Run and became fast friends, and kept in touch thanks to Facebook. We both decided to run the Flying Pig, but then had incredibly rocky training seasons for our own separate reasons. I never get to see the girl though, since she lives on the far side of Columbus and we work opposite schedules!!

But Sunday, the stars aligned and we got to run together. I warned her that it would be slow (she didn't believe me), but it was. My legs felt so heavy after the first mile that she agreed to do a super-slow 3:1 run/walk with me.

Clockwise, it took forever, 2:28 for 12 miles. But it went so fast because I was in good company! Because we took it easy, I'm not even feeling it today.

The Flying Pig will be Rebecca's first full and I know she's going to do great! Like me, she's been humbled this season from injury, so our collective goal is just to survive!

Does anyone know where we can get a cheap curly pig tail and pig ears in the Greater Columbus area?

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