Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Honey you'll survive

I realized I never got around to posting my spin playlist from last week, but last week's and this week's playlist are pretty similar!

I've got the Friday class again this week. I think I'm going to do a 1990s dance party :) Suggestions welcome! I will post it when I get it done.

I was a little nervous in building this playlist. Monday I was subbing for a very popular instructor. His classes are tough, and his room is always full. His taste in music is nowhere near mine, so it was a major change for the class, but they seemed happy!

This class ended up being super-tough. I wore my monitor, and burned 500 calories!

Onto the playlist!

Warmup: REM - Stand

Hill: Weezer -- Beverly Hills

Recover: Florence and the Machine -- Kiss with a Fist

Pyramid climb: Fun. -- We are Young (Perfect for a pyramid climb, the song slows down then speeds up again)

Recover/sprint: Pat Benetar -- Hit Me With Your Best Shot (I use this song a lot but it's so perfect, a one minute recovery then a 30-second sprint)

Rolling Hills: Fiona Apple -- Fast As You Can

Recover/Jumps: Flo Rida -- Club Can't Handle Me (just a super fun song)

Static climb OR Strength Drill: Bruce Springsteen -- Born to Run

Recover: Modest Mouse -- So Much Beauty in Dirt

Jumps: Matt & Kim -- Good Old Fashioned Nightmare (I've said it before, I love it love it love it love it and it's so perfect!)

Small hill: Michael Jackson -- Black or White (I always catch someone dancing when I play this hehe)

Rolling hills: Queen -- Keep Yourself Alive -- I just discovered this song and it's also perfect, I do two-tier hills, some out of the saddle, alternating with quick sprints on a flat

Cooldown: Arcade Fire -- Keep the Car Running

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