Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Downtown Fitness Club and the 1,000 burpee challenge

Burpees are the epitome of all that is evil in this world.

Which really doesn't explain why I accepted the "1,000 burpee challenge" at the Downtown Fitness Club.

I joined the DFC a few months back for one reason: They have a great pool void of the ear-piercing screaming kid problem rampant at so many other clubs (ahem, downtown YMCA).

I wasn't too keen on the rest of the club, the equipment was kind of old and on the particular day I visited I sensed somewhat of a meathead vibe in the weight room.

But the place has really grown on me. It's a neat club, huge in terms of square footage, and there's plenty of equipment. While some of it is old, most of it is well maintained, and the meathead thing must have just been an anomaly, the crowd has mostly been wonderful, and I've run into a lot of other marathoners which is encouraging.

They have something called the Athlete program -- basically crossfit without the trademark. It's something I'd love to do but time doesn't allow. I went to a meet a few weeks back, where we had to flip tires, beat tires with a sledgehammer, carry tires up steps and run dragging a tire behind us. It was pretty awesome.

The program is now hosting a 1,000 burpee challenge, to be completed over three weeks, and I took it. I still can't make the workouts, but I'm making progress on my own!

I started the challenge three days late, so on Thursday I had to play catch up. I was attempting to clean up my apartment, so I got little sets done in between chores. 200. BAM!

Friday was a lifting day. I did them between sets. Another 150. BAM!

Then Saturday my wrists hurt. So I took then and Sunday off. Today I got in another 50 after class.

So I'm sitting pretty at 400/1000 with nine days to go.

I've got this.

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