Thursday, April 25, 2013

My new family member

Per the rules, as outlined by a former MIT friend, she won't officially get her name until after Saturday, when she completes her first race, but meet Flower.

Flower is a 2013 Cannondale Synapse Sora, purchased from Bert's Bikes in Henrietta. Since this photo was taken she has had an upgrade of clip-in pedals and water bottle cages (sidenote: wondering if I can buy bike water bottles in bulk somewhere, I always lose them!)

I was looking forward to a Caad 8, but there was a slight miscommunication between the bike manufacturer and the store it did not arrive as planned. So, I got the Synapse, a slightly better bike, for the same price!

We went on a few loops around Corn Hill Tuesday. I'm pretty sleepy today, but might take her out for a small chain ring ride tomorrow. Looking forward to the du on Saturday (of which she is named after!)

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