Saturday, April 27, 2013

Race Report: Flower City Part 1

Race one out of three is complete! Now it is time to rest up for a 13.1 mile recovery run tomorrow!

Today I completed the Flower City Duathlon in just under two and a half hours. I'm thrilled with my performance but I'm also a little scared that I went too hard and didn't pace myself for tomorrow.

My times were:
5K run (just under 3.1 by my app): 30:45
Transition 1: 3:50
20 mile ride: 1:21:50
Transition 2: 2:24
5K run (3.4 miles by my app): 30:47
Finish: 2:29:37

I rode to the race, two miles away. I had attached a saddle bag and hand pump to my bike and wanted to make sure they were on properly!

It was a chilly start. I rode in wearing three layers. I'd be down to my tank top three hours later.

Run #1

At 7:20 they closed transition and we headed to the start. We started in waves, the du women went before the men, and at 7:36 I was off.

One thing I've noticed about Rochester runners that wasn't as true in Columbus is that everyone starts off so fast! In MIT they drilled pacing and running negative splits into our heads. I tried to start off slow, shooting for an 11:00 mile, and I was in the back of the pack.

Maybe it was the psychology of running in the back, but I felt like I was poking along. Not true. My app gave me the first half mile update, and it was sub-10. Woa there! I tried to back off but my legs wanted to carry me faster. Tomorrow I'll be happy for the pacers!

The course went along the river along the trail, and there was a nice breeze. Perfect running weather. I walked up the few very tiny hills, which saved energy and didn't hurt my pace.

My splits were:
Mile 1: 9:59
Mile 2: 10:12
Mile 3: 10:29

The average temperature was 43 degrees.

I went into transition feeling strong. I got on the bike and took off.


Here's the thing I love about running: No matter how much you spend on fancy shoes, clothes and hydration packs, the talent is all you. That's not true on the bike: Better machinery yields an advantage. You can buy speed.

It was my first race on my new road bike, she shall be named Flower from this point forth, and there was an incredible difference. On the Giant hybrid, I was riding around 12-14 mph. On Flower, I was riding 16 to 18. And that was during my first real ride of the season.

I was happy to be passing many, and only getting passed by a few. I rode the big chain ring the entire way, except for the hills.

We hit the hills by RIT and heading out toward Scottsville. We turned a corner by a gas station in Wheatland, around Mile 10, where a course marshal yelled out "it's all downhill from here!" I cursed her as we climbed yet another hill, but then it was mostly flat coming back through Chili.

My mile splits were consistently 3:20 to 3:40 on the flats, and as high as 5:30 on the hills. The average temperature for this segment was 45 degrees.

I felt wobbly getting off the bike, and went back into transition.

Run #2

Those first few steps were not pleasant.

Running right off the bike is a very odd sensation. It takes awhile for the legs to realize that it's time to work with different muscles. As a result, you can feel yourself moving, but your legs are completely numb.

I felt like I was shuffling along. The people around me looked like they were shuffling along. But when the app gave me the half mile update, I was close to a 9:00 mile. It was like I couldn't control my speed, and I also just wanted to be done.

I've been running with the app Runtastic, and it talks to you when someone online motivates you. I got two such motivations during this run, such a small thing but it really does give you a boost.

Continuing to run on autopilot, I crossed the bridge by U of R and a girl in a kayak yelled up at me, she recognized me from the pace team I ran with two weeks ago. This was another boost.

There was a paddle triathlon going on simultaneously, so we ran alongside the kayakers and the canoes, which kept me distracted. I didn't have any ability to pick it up at the end, but I kept a steady pace across the finish.

My splits were (not including the .39 at the end)
Mile 1: 9:11
Mile 2: 9:33
Mile 3: 9:02

After I stretched, laid in the grass and watched the band, rode home then went to an amazing yoga class at the Downtown Fitness Club.

Time to lay out my clothes, and get ready for Day 2.

(Typed from the tablet, I'll add in links/photos later!)

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