Friday, April 12, 2013

New bike, new bike, new bike, NEW BIKE!

I have a deposit down and it's ordered. Within a week I will be the new owner of a Cannondale Caad 8 Sora road bike. I didn't know it prior to buying but it's No. 1 on Bicycling Magazine's list of bikes on a budget (which makes me glad I picked it, my other top choices aren't on the list)! 

This stock photo will do for now.
I've been wanting a new bike for awhile. I toughed it out with a hand-me-down Giant hybrid from my mom (thanks Mom), completing my first Century with more-professional types whizzing by me like I was nuts. Sure my back hurt a little when I was done but I got my triple digits in (during a torrential downpour to boot)! 

Thanks to a nice tax return from Uncle Sam, I was finally able to make the move. 

I like the Cannondale because it's light and handles well, plus the shop I'm getting it from is nearby which will help with any repairs. 

There are a number of great bike shops in the area. I loved Full Moon Vista in the South Wedge, in Rochester, and I'll definitely support the shop in the future. Same goes for Park Ave Bike Shop in Brighton. But they had smaller selections and in the end didn't have what I needed. 

I tried a Felt (don't remember the model) at Towpath Bike in Pittsford. They didn't have one in my size so I was riding on a smaller frame, they had some on order so maybe I would have liked it had I gotten to try it! I still extended that test ride a bit because it was a beautiful day to be along the Canal Trail!

I was tempted by a Specialized Dolce Sport at RV&E Bike and Sport in Fairport. But in the end, proximity won and I got the Cannondale from Bert's Bikes and Fitness in Henrietta. 

At Bert's I first tried out a Trek Lexa (a couple different models in the $1,000 price range). I didn't like it at all, it didn't seem to handle right. I also tried a Schwinn something-or-other. Way too bulky, despite its dainty pink appearance.

I also tried the Cannondale Synapse, which I liked a lot, but I liked the Caad 8 better. 

Most of the bike stuff is basically a foreign language (I'm surprising myself at how intelligently I'm writing about it... or am I?) When I went to the store with my mom she showed me the different shifters and I realized how much better Sora 2013 is over whatever the cheaper one was on there. The one I got doesn't have the thumb thingys (technical term). I tried a bike with Tiagra, nice but out of my range!

Next up: New shoes and clip-in pedals!

I know the road bike world is a dangerous slippery slope. Sure, the entry-level road bikes are enticing now because I'm used to the hybrid, but as soon as I get it I'll be drooling over bikes that cost more than my car! 

Now Rochester's weather MUST get with the picture, the first duathlon of the season is in two weeks! 

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