Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Going public!

I’ve just wiped away all my other feeble attempts at being a blogger on my WordPress account (The record: one week, apart from the year I actually got paid for it).
But I'm going to transfer over a couple old posts from a private blog so it will look like this has been around for awhile!
I’m still of the opinion that no one really cares about me whining about shin splits but I’ve found some pretty cool public blogs by people in the area and figured I’d give it a shot.
To sum things up, my short and fragmented running career in a few paragraphs:
Ran track and cross in high school. Went to college. Abandoned running and did usual college student stuff. Graduated from college and did the usual young professional stuff. Joined a gym at a few points. Learned that actually paying the membership fee isn’t enough if you want results. What a rip. Started C25K a few times. Gave up a few times.

One day the scale in January the scale reads 179 and my 12s are tight. Very bad! Time to focus. Personal training sessions at gym (still holding out hope that paying the membership fee is an automatic 2 lbs. down a month btw) aren’t that expensive. I sign up. I start dragging my lazy butt in in the mornings to work with a trainer named Jason, who somehow walks the tightrope of being tough but unintimidating. I started eating better and all that happy stuff. I haven’t had a soda since and don’t miss it. Results! I got results!
The elliptical was boring me though. So one day I glance around the gym to make sure no one is watching. I start running slowly… my run was probably another’s walk.
I follow the Couch to 5K program. Finish the BW3s beerthlon in just under 30. BAM! Two months later my time is down by 3 minutes. Tomorrow is my last run in the Spark Your Way to a 10K program, and the 10K is Saturday. I’m pumped. I’m mortified. In retrospect it was probably not a smart choice to pick a race in a place called Hocking HILLS.
After that, a few days off. And then… stay tuned:)

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