Sunday, September 12, 2010

Two great runs this week

Yesterday I covered 8 miles on the bike trail (Cherry Valley Road portion) without stops, plus a one mile warmup. The first two miles were rough but then the shin splits went away and all was good aside from a small cramp in my calf toward the end. Used my new Fuelbelt and got used to it quickly.

Wednesday I covered 7 miles at Dawes. Did the small loop as a warmup, then the big loop twice followed by on more treck around the small loop. I dragged a bit on the first two hills but hardly noticed them after. Ultimate in stress relief, there was hardly anyone on the trail and the new Arcade Fire carried me through perfectly.

Monday was 6.5 on the bike trail (extra half was because I somehow missed the turnaround point). Did long hills on the treadmill Thursday for a weekly mileage total of 24.5 — the highest yet.

This week I’m going to take it easy on the running. Here’s the plan — lots of cross training.

Sunday: Cross training – elliptical, easy, circuit training
Monday: 4 miles easy, circuit training
Tuesday: Personal training session, elliptical easy
Wednesday: 3 miles easy, circuit training
Thursday: Elliptical, circuit training or personal training (if my trainer can move my Friday session to Thursday, otherwise I’ll just cancel!)
Friday: Off
Saturday: Race day

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