Friday, September 24, 2010

Game plan for fall

First a confession... I told myself I was going to take it super easy this week to recover. I was going to be good and stick to the elliptical. But it has been a hellish week... I was kind of riled up after work Tuesday and went out to run 2.5. Then I did the same thing Thursday, logging 3 at the bike trail.

My legs are pretty sore from strength training this morning but I'm going to attempt to do two loops around the long trail at Dawes Arboretum tomorrow morning. Next time I go there with the pups I'll take some pics, it's beautiful there.

I'm excited... I have a new plan. Kind of, anyway. Still needs some tweaks. It might be a bit too ambitious, I'll play with it as I go along.

My goal is baby steps until I eventually get to the marathon distance. (May = Flying Pig). The big race I'm working toward is Salt Fork 10-mile trail challenge.

I'm going to follow the same general structure I followed with the 10K training program -- long runs Monday, Thursday and Saturday, hill training on the treadmill Wednesday and 1-2 days on the elliptical, plus the usual strength training.

The Couch to 5K folks also do a half marathon program. So that's what I'll use a guideline.


Oct. 30: Nu-Race trail run in Ashland County

Dec. 4: 10 miler at Salt Fork!

So this week: 5 miles Saturday, 3 miles Monday, hills Wednesday, 6 miles Thursday.

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