Saturday, May 14, 2011

Expo time!

I'll do my "I'm in Cleveland and it's the day before race day" post in a sec, but first I have some cool stuff to show off from the expo in Cleveland today! 

As an added bonus I met up at the expo with Carl and Deb, two online friends from the Daily Mile, always weird meeting people you know online in person for the first time, but that's just the new world order of things!

Here's my race number and shirt, I love how they have both mens and womens' shirts: 

If you didn't look closely enough, they know exactly what runners will want after the race: 

I probably didn't need to buy 4 Bondi Bands, but I did: (see my Facebook question if you would like to help me select which one to wear!)

They forgot to mail it to me, but I finally got my race belt for registering early.

After tomorrow, I will have earned the right to put the oval on my car. And I just like the keychain. 

I plan on following the 4:45 pacer for the first half. This is my wristband:

The swag was somewhat disappointing (and yes, that sample does in fact say "anti-monkey butt").

I sampled these energy bars and they were very yummy, so I bought a box.

13 hours...

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