Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Midweek updates

I've promised to keep everyone updated on the move and my (currently nonexistent) training. Lots of little things to report :)

I spent Friday and Saturday in Rochester, New York with my dad, and I found an apartment! I went to bed Friday mulling over what I thought would be a tough decision. Do I want to live 15 minutes away from work, renting out a room in a huge house with a pool and a fenced in yard? Or do I want to rent a (really big) studio apartment in a nice area of downtown in an awesome trendy building?

Drive-bys nixed all but one of our Saturday appointments, so that morning at 11 a.m. we rolled up to a lovely brick building in a neighborhood called Corn Hill, a half mile from my new office and a half mile from a bike path that goes along the Genessee River.

Corn Hill landing, just a half mile away from my new home.
It was an instant "a-ha" moment. It's a lovely, well-kept one bedroom place on the first floor. If you're friends with me on Facebook you can see a photo.

For some perspective, I have become a bit spoiled during my time in Newark. I live in a huge two-bedroom, all for me, with a dishwasher and my own washer and dryer. The new place is much smaller with no dishwasher and a shared washer and dryer.

But there was no trash or cigarette butts on the sidewalks. The park across the street was well-kept with no vandalism. The new landlord really stressed cleaning up after Lizzie. In other words, there's a lot I won't be missing about Newark.

On the way back from Rochester my dad and I scoped out my new grocery chain, Wegmans. I thought I was impressed by Kroger when I moved to Newark. Kroger's got nothing on Wegmans!

A whole aisle!!
I know a few of you who will be jealous!
Sunday I scored some great deals at Macy's and The Limited with my mom, then I hugged Lizzie goodbye. She hates it when I pack, gets really depressed and nervous, so she's going to stay with my parents until I'm settled on the other end.

Behave yourself, chicken butt.
The whole weekend I was becoming stoked for the move. Sunday evening I drove straight to Columbus to meet a group of friends from MIT for dinner, and I realized that while this move is exciting, it's also really bittersweet :( I'm made some wonderful friends here who I'm going to miss terribly. We met at BJ's Brewhouse where I get a gluten free pizza (yummy) and some hard cider!!

Katie W., Jessica G., Me, Richard B., Bill B.
Now that I have a place picked out and I don't have to worry about depressing the furball, the packing can start in earnest. Wednesday starts the countdown til the move!

As for my training, I haven't done anything since my spin class Thursday. Hoping to get out for a short run or ride tonight. 

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  1. Hi! Let's see ... I agree that Corn Hill is a great neighborhood, the Genesee River Trail is a good trail on both sides with connection to the east-west Erie canal trail and Wegmans is the best! Hope to see you at a race sometime!