Monday, September 3, 2012

Duathlon practice

I'm a little nervous for the Rochester Autumn Classic Duathlon Sept. 30, mostly because it's going to be my first multi-sport event. So this weekend I got a little practice in.

My mom came to visit this weekend bearing gifts! She brought me some cycling gloves, clip in shoes that fit my hybrid, and best of all -- smaller tires! Now I can go faster. If I'm pushing, I'm riding around 16 mph. If I'm taking it easy I'm going around 14. Before it was 11 and 14! This made me very happy. Thanks mom :)

I did two rides with my mom while she was here. On Saturday we rode the canal trail to Pittsford where we got dinner and gelato. Then Sunday, via my mom's suggestion we rode the duathlon route at Mendon. The hills were killer. Absolutely killer. I loved it!

The main thing I'm nervous about, though, is transitioning to running. I haven't been running much lately, so this morning on the advice of some Facebook friends I went out for another brick workout. I rode to Pittsford and back, which is 20 miles, and got off the bike 5 times to run -- 3 times running one mile, twice doing a half mile.

Running right off the bike reminded me of the last few miles of my marathons. My legs were completely numb and I had no sense of how fast I was going. I thought I was chugging along at a 12 minute mile, but when the laps on my watch reset I was running closer to a 9:30! Ooops! (At least I'm getting faster again).

But each time I feel like I'm recovering and getting into the groove of the run faster, definite plus!

I'm a little sleepy now... hello Netflix.

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