Saturday, September 8, 2012

First Century complete!

Well, the blogging from the road thing didn't work out so well because once I was within 10 minutes of Bristol Mountain there was no cell signal and it remained that way the few times I checked during the ride.

Here's the short of it! I'll do a full race report tomorrow and upload the few photos I took. Right now it's Netflix time.

The course: Rough! So hilly! (And my course was the easier of the two Century options.) I actually had to walk my bike up a few hills, and according to my Garmin (no clue if it's accurate) I hit speeds of 30 mph going downhill. Now that was fun.

The event: The Highlander Cycle Tour, Corkscrew Century. I highly recommend it, they did a great job from start to finish.

My time: 8:07, a 12.5 mph pace.

The weather: Miles 1-50 - cool, light rain; miles 50-70 - pouring rain, I could barely see at some points! Then at Mile 70 it cleared up and at Mile 90 the sun came out -- glorious!!

More tomorrow:)

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