Friday, September 7, 2012

Follow me on my bike ride tomorrow! (maybe)

I'm going to attempt to blog/Tweet/Facebook photos and updates from my bike ride tomorrow. I'm doing the Highlander Cycle Tour starting at Bristol Mountain in Canandaigua, starting at 7 a.m. I might be riding 41, I might be riding 100, I really don't know yet :)

I say attempt because:

  • I might not get cell phone signal
  • My cell battery might not last the entire trip
  • I might get too preoccupied and forget
  • I'm not sure if I set up TwitterFeed right

So if you don't hear from me by midday tomorrow don't worry. If you don't hear from me by midday Sunday please kindly come to about mile 80 of the course and scrape my remains off the side of the road :-P

We'll see what happens!

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