Monday, July 8, 2013

Everything I need to know for Musselman

Less than a week out from race day, it's time to think logistics. I'll probably get a packing list and weekend schedule up tomorrow.

The race director put out this set of instructions for the race. My thoughts and questions:

Ahhh! What if I can't wear a wetsuit? That's what I've been practicing in and I swim better with it? Then do I wear my sports bra and shorts under the suit still? Eeep. 

I think I'm going to sit the MicroMussel out, but it will be fun to watch. 

I'm excited to stay in Athlete Village, but I hear it's not air conditioned, so I need to add fans to my packing list. You can't beat $30 a night in Geneva, even if it is a dorm!

If it's not raining I'll rack my bike Saturday night. I wonder how the bike racks are assigned, if they are. 

It looks like the aid stations are well stocked, but I wonder how the ones on the bike work. I just emailed the race director. 

Do we get wine at the end? I really hope we get wine at the end.

It's going to be hot hot hot hot! Me and my water bottle are going to be good friends all week. 

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