Sunday, July 7, 2013

Random musings: I'll be a half Ironwoman one week from today

The past few Sundays I've found myself sitting in the Wegmans cafe, either at East Ave or Pittsford with my iPad sipping their delicious coffee (I've been drinking too much coffee lately), reading the D&C (love the app btw Traci) and getting my head together for the week. Android battery is dead (again) so it's quiet time. I'm listening to my calming playlist on Spotify (note to self: link to it later.)

One week from today is my race, and I'm here trying to figure out what's left. I can't train anymore. I peaked at a 70 mile ride then a nine mile run. Friday I swam one hour continuous in open water and felt fine. I was confident in my sighting and didn't have to break or switch to breaststroke at all. I wonder what the buoys will be like at Musselman. Hopefully close together and easy to see.

I can't control the weather. Right now it's looking like it will be sunny and hot. On my 'plan for the week' I wrote: "drink so much water you feel like you might explode". I have a ginormous water bottle, purchased at Wegmans, and my goal is to get through it three times each day. Just added lemons to the shopping list. I should probably get some s caps, or maybe just choke down Gatorade.

Haven't seen the training schedule for this week but I'm assuming it is light. I purposefully defied it this weekend, what was there seemed like too much so I scaled it back. I did a seven mile run Thursday, one hour swim and two hour hilly bike Friday, and a half hour swim and a half hour bike yesterday. I tries both HEED and Hammer gels, which will be on the course at Musselman. Didn't love the sports drink but it worked.

I subbed out my Friday class but picked up one on Wednesday. I'm going to run and ride outside mid afternoon to get used to the heat. I love that my job is flexible and allows me to do that.

The one thing I can control - and must control - is my nutrition, hence the focused shopping list writing this afternoon. I've been off the reservation with food, eating too much crap and gaining weight. My stomach has not been fabulous, and I've been downright exhausted. I'm trying to come up with a focused plan and stick to it. I'm going to make some egg frittatas for breakfast, easy and re-heat able. Lunch, I have some chicken in my freezer, which I'll eat with rice and veggies and some kind of yummy sauce I'll no doubt find in the gluten free aisle. Dinner, fish at the beginning of the week with garlicky greens, and pasta with sausage at the end of the week. Lots of fruits and veggies, but all the veggies will be cooked to avoid tummy upset.

Looking for some kind of snack recipe I can use the tons of sweet potatoes on my counter for. A girl at a tri seminar was eating baked sweet potato with plain chobani yogurt. Interesting combo but worth trying. Which reminds me, I need yogurt, lots and lots of yogurt. The probiotic kind.

I can't eat crap this week. No sugar, no gluten, no alcohol. I'll allow myself all three after the race. I should probably ditch the caffeine too, at least anything beyond green tea.

There are a number of blog entries I need to do, I kind of dropped the ball last week. Maybe I'll do a daily nutrition blog to keep myself on track. Yea, that's a good idea.

I want to find an Olympic distance to do toward the end of the year. Thinking about asking my mom and sister if they want to do a tri relay in Ohio later this year.

Shopping time. Hopefully more blogging time later.

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