Wednesday, July 10, 2013

That Moment When I Got Really Nervous

I'm sitting at my desk typing up some notes on affordable housing in Rochester's suburbs when the "(1) Facebook" shows up in the tab that's often in the background.

Distracted millennial brain went to check it, and in the Musselman Triathlon page someone had posted a link to the wave times and swim cap colors.

7:07 a.m. Yellow.

I've prepared for the half ironman like a madwoman. I know my weekend plan. I know the course. I've made my packing list. I've visited the ATM. I've been chugging water, flavored with cucumbers and lemons, like crazy. I've been slightly obsessive about it, trolling the Facebook page and Twitter hashtag compulsively. I've read every word of preparation material on Musselman's web site.

Still, it hasn't felt quite real to me that the race is in four days.

Until I saw that one little bit of information. I felt myself shaking a little bit and suddenly that affordable housing report was hard to focus on.

7:07 a.m. Yellow cap.

Zebra Mussels that live in Seneca Lake...
...and might bite me. 
Perhaps it was knowing the exact minute I'm going to start that set all the "what-ifs" off in my brain. Ya'll know what they are, or can imagine. Passing out from the heat. Forgetting my water bottle. Forgetting my helmet. Forgetting those magic straps that keep knee pain away. Waking up with a stomach ache. Getting bitten by a Zebra Mussel (it has happened.)

I've only guessed how far I've gone in open water. What if I'm wrong and my swimming is worse than I thought?

What if I run into transition and forget where my bike is?

What if I forget one of USA Triathlon's many rules and get disqualified?



  1. I feel your pain. I am ok with training for a race like this. It is when it all becomes so real like receiving your bib# or your wave start that totally freaks me out! That is when I wonder if I really have a clue about what I am doing. And why is it that the other athletes at the race always look like they are calm and know exactly what they are doing? We must dig deep and know that we CAN and WILL do this! And it will be AMAZING!!!!!

  2. Thanks! It is getting real! Worst is when you see the start line!

  3. You are so prepared! I am so incredibly proud of you and excited to be cheering you along on race day! :)