Saturday, October 23, 2010

10 miles!

So I just collapsed on my couch with a couple of ice packs and decided not to move for a few hours. Feeling pretty good... did my second 10 mile run. That makes 25 for the week, my highest yet.

Toward the end I kinda felt like I could have kept going... maybe I should have. I just read an article about overtraining, I was out of gatorade and my ankle has been hurting on and off, so it was probably best that I didn't, though of course now I have that nagging "how far could I have gone" mentality. Next time.

Ran with a runners club out of Granville. Very good group of people. Some were way too fast but I fell in nicely at a 10-minute pace with the slower group. We did 6 miles through the Denison Bioreserve, which I never knew existed until today. Definitely going back, beautiful area and good practice for upcoming trail runs, which I hands down prefer to the road.

Most of the group did the marathon a few weeks ago, and they stopped after 6 so I cut down to the bike trail on my own. I don't like running without my iPod, the silence was eery, but I got it done.

Got breakfast and then went right to the gym to do my strength training. Was definitely a little slower on that but now I'm done done done done done for the weekend.

The rest of this week was pretty routine. Did 6 on the bike trail both Monday and Wednesday, did hills on the treadmill Tuesday, did the elliptical Thursday.

I'm not sore at all... but usually that comes a few hours later.

Next week I have 6 Monday, hills Tuesday, 4 Wednesday, 4 Thursday (I might do the elliptical again), off Friday and the race at Mohican Saturday.

I use an online mileage tracker... just took this screen grab of my weekly mileage tracked since I started all this craziness in May! (The highest weeks are 24.7, 24 and 25, respectively)


  1. Jessica,

    I just discovered your blog. I'm trying develop a group of runners to share experiences with via blogging. Are you intersted in joining?

    Stop by and check out my blog when you get a chance. You might find some helpful running information.

    BTW,I looked at your schedule for this week leading up to that 8 mile race. I'd skip the hills this week and taper a little before the race. Try only running 20 miles this week including the race. I think you'll feel fresher come race day. Also, try doing one of your runs early in the week slightly faster than your goal pace.

    I hope you don't mind me making these suggestions.



  2. Thanks for the tip Ken! I just checked out your blog and now I'm following it!

  3. That's awesome Jess! I hear you about being careful about overtraining. I want to run, run, run but with the pain in my hips, I am really trying hard to hold back to let the muscles heal.

    I can't wait to hear about your upcoming race!

  4. Jessica,

    Oops. I read your post wrong. You're just doing an 8 mile training run. That sounds like fun and on a trail too.

    Good job on your mileage. You get to wear it like a badge of courage!

    I like how you're doing some cross-training (elliptical)to break up the running. BTW, what type of hill workout are you doing?

    Just curious.


  5. I've been doing them on the treadmill, lately I've been doing 3 halfs at 6 grade and 6 quarters at 8 grade. Takes about an hour.

    It's actually both, it's technically a race, but I'm just using it as a training run for my upcoming 10-miler!