Saturday, October 2, 2010

24 miles logged this week

What a beautiful fall morning... I did 10 miles in Granville. Slight soreness but it's tolerable.

I logged 24 miles this week over 4 runs, and surprisingly that wasn't my highest week to date... a couple weeks ago I totaled 24.7. Both Monday and today I pushed my long runs a little further because it has just been so nice out, managed 8 on Monday and 10 today. On Wednesday I did hill repeats on the treadmill and my legs seriously hurt so I barely eeked out 3 Thursday.

Saturday mornings in Granville are marvelous. The farmers market is always packed, there are a ton of people out on the bike trail and there's this wonderful little coffee shop with great fair trade blends. Such a stark contrast from Newark.

I've been feeling really good on my long runs... usually I fall into a good rhythm after the first 2, around a 10 minute pace, and the rest of the way is a breeze (as long as the iPod is charged up... the Hold Steady's new one is my latest favorite). I need to find some hillier routes for my shorter runs, though. Dawes is always good, I'll try to get there next week.

I'm shaking things up, trying to decide if I want to move up to 5 days of running or stick with one day on the elliptical.

Next Saturday is the Bowman Cup at Kent. In July I remember worrying so much about being able to do 3 miles, now it just seems so... short! The campus is built on a hill (which always seemed steeper coming back from Friday night... erm... social events). The course goes past the land my old dorm used to stand on (small group), my other old dorm (Korb), though it looks like a lot of the course is off campus. We'll see if I can beat 26!

The course:

Anyway, game plan for the week...
Sunday: Off
Monday: Long hill repeats
Tuesday: 4 or 5 on treadmill or elliptical
Wednesday: 6 at Dawes
Thursday: Off
Friday: 4
Saturday: 5K!

Video of next Saturday's course:

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