Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What I want for Christmas

I am drooling over this... the Garmin 405 is incredible.



  1. Hi Jessica! I found your blog via your comment on Read/Write/Run. I have a 405, and while it's a fantastic training tool, it spazzes out whenever I sweat or it rains. Garmin is coming out with the 410 soon, which is the update to the 405 and is supposed to be a little more water resistant. It'll probably cost an arm and a leg though, which is the obvious downside. The 305 is pretty cheap and doesn't have the stupid touch bezel that doesn't like water or sweat. It's a little bigger and not as sleek looking, but it's an option.

  2. Thanks! Not sure what I'll go for yet, there are a few things ahead of it on my list!

  3. That garmin looks amazing, but figuring out the technical mechanics intimidates me.