Monday, December 13, 2010

Running school is IN!

I can't decide if I want to do the Cleveland Marathon or the Flying Pig, but right now I'm excited for either because MIT started today!!!!

OK not really. Tonight was just the informational meeting for Fleet Feet Sports Marathoner in Training program. But it was enough to get me pumped.

Sans the holidays I'll meet up with more than 500 other brave souls early Saturday mornings to train for our respective races. Yes it is the middle of winter. Yes I still live in Ohio.

We break up into pace groups, there's a coach for every 20 or so people. We take off from a school in Westerville and run through the parks system. We get access to doctors, physical trainers, nutritionists, etc... They give us a plan to follow for our respective race, and there is just a wealth of information and, more importantly, camaraderie.

At the meeting there was such diversity in the room... young, old, fat, thin, athletic, not athletic. All wanting to run a full or half marathon.

So... what to train for...??????

I know, I know, I've been counting down the days until the Cleveland marathon. But I've suddenly found myself conflicted. I really don't know if I want to do that or the Cincinnati Flying Pig.

Cleveland Marathon May 15

Pros: Close to home, the course comes within a mile of my parents' house. Logistically that makes things a lot easier, I won't have to worry about getting a hotel and such. The course is flat thus easy for a first marathon.

Cons:  I've heard from multiple sources that the course is boring. Not a lot of scenery. Not a lot of people coming out.

Pros: Several I've talked to say the race is a lot of fun, great crowds and great energy, and the course is very scenic. I heard it was hilly too, but I can do hills.

Cons: Logistically more difficult. I'd have to get a hotel or find a place to stay.

I still have some time to decide. Tough choice... do I want to have a few more headaches for a funner course, or should I go with what's logistically easy so I can relax race day?

I'll get there. I'm taking it easy this week again. Didn't do anything today, though I did take a spinning class yesterday afternoon. I'll probably try a few more classes at the Y. Going to wait until Saturday to do more running.


  1. That's such an awesome program! The first half of Cleveland is the best (and all that I ran last year anyway) and goes through the westside, which has some of the biggest crowds of any race I've ran. I've hear the second half, mostly miles 13-20 are the most boring part because the area of the eastside isn't residential, therefore, no one to really come out. But they are making some changes to the course this year. Cincy is a great race too from what I've hear, I'm still really considering the half. I'd say go with Cleveland first because it's close to home and you have two more weeks to train :)

  2. Just a warning about Cleveland this year - due to construction downtown, they are relocating the expo out to Euclid (I believe). Since you are familiar with the city this shouldn't be a big issue for you, but the changes mentioned will also have to do with this construction, mostly impacting the start/finish area. Otherwise, what you have heard about the course is true - you need to be self-motivated on the back end, especially miles 13-20. 20+ can be a challenge if it's windy, as you head west into downtown.