Monday, February 28, 2011

February stats: First 100-mile month!

108 miles! That's what I ran in February! First time over 100, and it was a short month too... bam!!

1 year ago I was treading in the obese category and was afraid to even take it up to a jog. I joined MIT in December but even then always kept telling myself that I could drop back to a half program if necessary. I didn't think I had the confidence to complete a full.

(Note: Right now I'm just rambling and I'm ignoring everything I know about proper writing and grabbing readers into the story and search engine optimization and all that jazz. And I'm fine with that. I'm also lying in bed listening to instrumental versions of Beatles songs, and it is absolutely amazing.)

This month I officially passed the half marathon mark and, for the first time since I started, am realizing that I do have what it takes to finish a full. Thanks to all of those out there who have helped me along the way. During relaxation in yoga tonight I was thinking about seeing that magic number "29" as I was finishing my first 5K. I thought about seeing the magic number "56" as I finished my first 10K. I remember being handed a first place plaque as I finished my first 8-miler. I remember hitting double digits. I remember pushing up the final hill past a lot of very tired people to finish my first 15-miler. I remember seeing the magic number "129" on the scale (I never did write that post. Too personal.) Almost more importantly I remember coming in from the many MIT long runs laughing and having a good time with the pace teams.

And the post I did in an exhausted haze Saturday has racked up a surprising number of hits, traffic in general has really been picking up.

Ok, enough with the sappy sentimental crap I probably lost most people on and on to the numbers, thanks to the Daily Mile :)

(And I finally realized what Charlie's tattoo is from in Lost. I should have figured that one out sooner.)

108 miles total. I guess I owe most of it to the Saturday long runs getting longer and longer. Here are the monthly totals:

(Another side note: I just logged onto the Daily Mile and saw one of my buddies there, also named Jessica, whom I have never met, also had her first 100 mile month. Yay!!!)

The lifetime analytics:

What's 633 miles from here? Myrtle Beach, Atlanta, Green Bay (yay team that beat the Steelers!), Des Moines (had a fun weekend there), and Memphis. Hard to choose (not really, there's snow in the forecast, I pick Myrtle Beach.)

And some fun YTD stats:


  1. You killed it this month and next month will be even bigger yet!

  2. Congrats on your first 100+ month girl! You DEF have what it takes to finish a full! Believe to achieve!

  3. You are amazing and you definitely have what it takes! I only got 52 miles for February. I think I need to join a running group :)

  4. That is awesome! Great work. You're an inspiration to many!