Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cinco de Julio Cuatro Miler

I'm making a new addition to my race schedule, the Cinco de Julio Cuatro Miler race July 9. Why? It just looks like fun! Plus I get a free entry because I volunteered at Cap City! 

I'm really excited -- my race schedule lines up perfectly with my training schedule!

July 9 there are six miles on the schedule, so I'll do a 2-mile warmup to the 4-mile race.

My share of Hood to Coast is 18 miles. There are 18 miles on the schedule that weekend!

The Hocking Hills Indian Run has a 20K distance, just over 12 miles. That week, I have 12 scheduled!

The only races that don't fit are the Warrior Dash, which I have no intention of taking seriously -- I'm going to do the full seven the day before, and the triathlon relay, which I will have to figure out since I want to run that well. I'm scheduled for 10 the day before. In the relay I'm doing a 5K. 

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