Monday, May 16, 2011

My favorite songs from my Cleveland Marathon playlist

Race recap coming! But one of the best things I did was ask my Facebook friends for suggestions for my race playlist. I posted my full playlist (12 hours, more than I needed) yesterday. Here are some of my favorites:

Beatles -- The Long and Winding Road: This will forever be attached to the Cleveland Marathon. As the song was ending, I saw the finish line.

Queen -- Somebody to Love: This, hands down, has become my favorite song to run with. Funny thing -- I had adjusted the volume on all my old music but not the stuff I downloaded yesterday. So, while I was running, some were really loud and some were really quiet. And after the first half it was impossible to control my iPod because my hands were wet and sweaty. So, around mile 16 this song comes on, this guy starts running right next to me, and says "thanks for the Queen, it helps", yea, that was one of the loud ones.

Cleveland Rocks: How could I leave this off initially? This is what they started us off with, though it took me 7 minutes to even get to the starting line!! AND!!! Drew Carey ran his first half marathon today! How awesome is that???

Beatles -- Hey Jude: What I always play when I need to slow down!

Creed -- Rain: This has been the song of the week given the lovely weather, and was only fitting to start out with! I think it rained the entire time. I hardly noticed. 

Shakira -- Waka Waka: Suggested by Jessica F, addicting, great beat! And it's still in my head.

My Chemical Romance -- Welcome to the Black Parade, and Sing: The former was suggested by Malia R., the latter is played in spin all the time and I just love it!

P!nk -- So What: Another Malia R. suggestion! And Raise Your Glass, also a great pick-me-up!

Me First and the Gimme Gimmies -- I believe I can fly: Original version suggested by Rohit J., punk rock cover by Kyle W. Sorry, Rohit, I went the punk rock route!

Florence and the Machine -- The Dog Days are Over: Jamie K. reminded me of this one days before my race, I love it!

Fleetwood Mac -- Don't Stop: Suggested by Kerensa P. Classic! Came on toward the end, it helped push me through.

Arcade Fire -- We Used to Wait: I was running a marathon in a big city. It just fit.

Dave Matthews Band -- Grey Street: Always loved it. 

Journey -- Don't Stop Believin': Do I need to explain why? Suggested by many.

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