Monday, January 9, 2012

One week down, 51 to go!

MIT on Saturday.
I set a bunch of goals for 2012, and one tool I want to do to meet them is a weekly update post. While I won't make progress toward each one every week, I think it will help keep me on track!

4:10 at the Pig: I had an awesome running week, just awesome. I logged 23 miles, and managed to get some hills in with Brandie on Monday.

I took each of these runs easy since I was recovering from a stomach bug (ie too much food at Christmas!). I'll be back to more hills and tempo runs this week. (Tempo Tuesday!)

On Saturday I ran 10 miles, more than my scheduled 7. MIT was phenomenal, there were so many people. It was a great day and I was just feeling good!

After the rest of the group split off another 10:30 and I sped up. Average pace ended up 10:11 with a sub-9 last mile. Next week I think I'm going to run with the 10s!

This week I'm going to shoot for a total of 25 or 26 miles. I modified the weekly schedule a bit to do this:
Monday: 4 easy
Tuesday: 5 tempo, lift
Wednesday: 4 easy, spin
Thursday: 3 hill repeats, spin, lift
Friday: spin, swim
Saturday: 10 at 10, lift if I have some juice left

Other goals:

Train for a triathlon: Didn't get to swim this week. My goal for the moment is to swim on Fridays, but I had to teach spin then lift last Friday so there just wasn't time.

Lift more: I started the second phase of the New Rules of Lifting for Abs. This phase is tough... planks + rows, offloaded squats, burpees!! With my running and spinning schedules I may only get to it twice a week, but I'm going to stick with it!

Learn to teach something new: Probably there won't be any movement on this one for awhile, but I will get to it this year!

Get down to 120 pounds by the Pig: I rocked this one out this week! Lost 2 pounds and tracked my food everyday!

Increase blog traffic: I started a new feature, Foodie Fridays, which I hope will get me a few more hits!


  1. Great goals, Jessica!

  2. Great goals! I do a weekly training blog post to keep me honest too. :)