Sunday, January 1, 2012

Race Report: First on the First 5K 2012

I didn't PR at the First on the First this morning :( I finished in 27:10.

But it was still a good race.

There were a number of factors working against me, mostly that I was sick all week with a stomach bug. And it was really windy.

I held the pace for the first mile and a half and then fell off. Just didn't have it in me!

I really enjoyed seeing everyone from Run DMC, too! I'll snag some pictures from Facebook once they're posted!

Here are my splits by half mile:
.5 mile: 3:47 (7:34)
1 mile: 3:53 (7:47)
1.5 mile: 4:08 (8:16)
2 miles: 4:42 (9:24)
2.5 miles: 6:14 (12:28)
3 miles: 4:06 (8:12)

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  1. Nice race! It was great to see you out there today! :)